Riley is the little brother of site creator, Micah Dawson, and also the resident bad boy of Fayz Nation.

He is also known as the person who single-handeldy managed to change GP into what it is today and takes his title very proudly :)


Riley has 3 different versions of himself, that most people have come across at one time or another. A troll version, A cocky and arrogant version, and a lowkey semi-normal version.

Riley is extremely cocky, Arrogant, stuck-up and does find pleasure in pointing out the flaws of others. He can be downright cruel and hutful to others.

It is usually advised to NEVER engage in an argument with Riley because 9 times out of 10, it almost never works out in your favorite.

That is not to say that Riley is ALL BAD. Though arrogant and rude, Riley also tends to defend other people(usually if it involves fighting with someone he hates) i.e. he defended Newbs on GP from the clique-like behavior that GP possesses.

His favorite character is Drake Merwin, thus he shares a LOT in common with Drake.