GP syndrome is a humorous name to describe the behavior of most GP members by Fayz Nation members.


This is an ailment that only affects GP members...Not all but most.

1. Inability to accept blame---Usually in an argument, a GP member suffering from this horrible ailment usually will place all the blame on the other person and will never, repeat, never accept blame.

Which brings us to

2. Victimization---In the off-chance that they do admit blame there is usually a but followed behind it. They rationalized they behaved a certain way because someone made them be that way. In most cases, they also have a tendency to run to Admin to fight their battles, usually a battle that they themselves caused.

3. Hypocrisy-- Usually they condemn certain behaviors such as bashing them or insulting them but they usually never hesistate to bash others and they somehow rationalize it as correct.

4. Tunnelvision---The inability to see they are wrong. They see what they want to see. Even if you point out their obvious fail, they still for some reason fail to see why.


If you feel you may suffer from GP syndrome, the only cure I can suggest is to join Fayz Nation to see how Logical and mostly sane people function.