Dual members are members who hold memberships at both GP and FN. There are three types of Dual Members.

The 50/50 Dual members

Some members from GP hold memberships at both sites and equally split their time between both sites...In Most cases, if not all...50/50 dual members are usually GP members first which is why they are generally reluctant to leave the site completely but still love Fayz Nation enough to split it equally.

Known 50/50 Members: Koule, Morgan, Richie, Annabeth, Slimshady, Socks

The Lurker

Some GP members make accounts on Fayz Nation just to see if anyone is talking about them or GP(in most cases, we usually are lol)

They have no purpose on the site as they almost never post in the forums or chat...Instead they just lurk around for no reason except to see what is being said and to go back and report it.

Known Lurkers: Sara, Merwin, Coley

GP Member till they die, but Fayz Nation Hi.

These members are members of GP through and through. They also have memberships on Fayz Nation but the difference between them and the 50/50 members is the fact they predominantly spend time on GP and occassionally visit Fayz Nation.

Usually whenever GP's Site crashes, these members often will flock to Fayz Nation

Known Members; McCann, BrokenMirror, Saoirse, Firegirl56